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10 signs you need a health reboot

Have you been feeling a bit under the weather? Or maybe you just do not have the energy to enjoy the activities you used to love? These are just a few of the signs that you might need to put yourself first and focus on your health.

If you identify with one of the signs listed below, get in touch with us here at CrossFit Play. We’re experts in fitness, and are here to help you kick start your health journey.

1. You are low in energy

Do you always feel lethargic? No matter how long you have slept for, you could always go for a nap? Well, that’s a sign that you might need to reevaluate your sleep and diet.

Your body is a machine, and if you do not give it the right fuel, it will not give you the output you hope for. A balanced, healthy diet focussed on whole foods and 8 hours sleep per night are the two most important sources of fuel you can give your body.

2. You get sick frequently

We’re not just talking serious sickness here either, even constantly little colds or sniffles can be a sign that your body is not fully recovering or something is not right.

Exercise can help to boost your immune system, and sleeping and eating well are also crucial to keep you feeling your best. Here at CrossFit Play, we do not just get you moving, we promote a holistic, healthy lifestyle to ensure you feel and look your best.

3. You struggle with bloating

A bad diet is a common cause of bloating, as are undiagnosed or poorly managed food intolerances.

So if you’re struggling with gas, include more whole foods in your diet and cut out some of the refined junk. If that still is not working, talk to your doctor about whether you might have some food intolerances or other stomach issues.

4. You are breaking out

Acne can be a canary in the coal mine, letting you know that your nutrition or lifestyle is not right for you. Excess refined sugars and dietary fats can cause breakouts, so try replacing your afternoon chocolate bar with some fruit and see if your skin does not thank you for it!

5. You cannot focus

Poor nutrition, sleep and lack of exercise can result in brain-fog and a lack of focus. Here at CrossFit Play, we have seen first hand that exercise is a keystone habit for people; meaning that people who exercise more also find it easier to then eat better and prioritise their sleep.

We want you to be looking, feeling and performing your best both in and out of the gym, so make sure you are prioritising your health. Did you know that moderately intense physical activity works better than caffeine at boosting cognitive function? Just another reason to include CrossFit in your routine!

6. You are not in the mood to do the activities you enjoy

Always in a bad mood? Exercise releases a chemical called endorphins in your brain, which are known as ‘feel-good hormones’ for a reason. A dose of endorphins in your day will help to improve your mood, which in turn makes you more likely to take better care of yourself be it through eating better or getting more sleep.

7. You are grumpy all the time

Not getting enough sleep sure makes us grumpy, and there is nothing worse than lying awake at night even when you are really tired. Getting regular exercise helps to align your body's natural rhythms so you will sleep more soundly and wake up feeling cheerful and refreshed.

8. You are putting on weight

If you are feeling a bit softer around the middle, that is a sure sign that something with your sleep, diet or exercise is not working. It’s important to get back on track as soon as you can, the best time to start a new routine is today.

It is important to eat whole foods and avoid excess calories to improve your diet for weight-loss. Also in terms of fitness, if you are working out less you will store more fat, which may weaken your bones and reduce your lean muscle mass. This can be a difficult cycle to break, but here at CrossFit Play our experienced and motivating coaches are ready to help you fall in love with moving and get your weight loss goals on track.

9. You are getting injured doing everyday tasks

Have you ever pulled a muscle picking up a shopping bag or strained your back from turning around too quickly? This is a big sign that you are out of shape.

Even if you are not overweight, if you are struggling with everyday movements you need to incorporate some functional fitness back into your routine to help you get a little stronger, more mobile and resilient.

Here at CrossFit Play, we incorporate everyday movements like pushing, pulling and squatting into our workouts to ensure you can handle whatever life throws at you.

10. You are always out of breath

Feel like climbing the stairs is like taking on Mt Everest? Your body is letting you know that you need some help improving your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Simply put, your heart and muscles are underdeveloped and weak so they cannot keep up with even basic movements.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: move more! Here at CrossFit Play, we have fun wods and motivating coaches ready to get you the fittest you’ve ever been!

So, how did you do?

If you identify with one of these categories, do not be worried. It is never too late you give your health a reboot and we cannot wait to help you on your journey.

Whether you’re well seasoned or just starting out, come down to CrossFit Play at 55 Denison Street, Camperdown or book your trial online to see what it’s all about!

Wanna Play?

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