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10 fitness habits you should build in your 20s

You are only young once and your twenties is an amazing time to explore, adventure and laugh your way through. However, it’s also the best time to start building healthy habits that will serve you well for many decades to come.

Here at CrossFit Play, we are passionate about helping you to stay fit, healthy and independent for life, and the best time to start is right now!

1. Focus on building strength

Strength training is incredibly important for building and maintaining muscle mass and healthy bones, not to mention how it boosts the metabolism and can even protect against chronic disease like diabetes. CrossFit training incorporates lots of strength training, so find a gym near you and grab a barbell!

2. Opt for water

We know that nothing beats a glass of champagne on a Friday, but keep in mind that water should be your primary drink of choice. Being hydrated is an absolute must for a healthy glow and will keep you firing through all of your high-intensity workouts.

3. Vary your training

Doing the same thing all the time is boring and we naturally have the tendency to quit boring activities. This is why joining a CrossFit gym is so great - our programming is highly varied and designed to engage you for the long term; you might have mastered rope climbs, but how about a 20 foot handstand walk…?!

4. Take rests

Yeah we know, you’re 25 and totally invincible… right? But even if you feel that you are in your prime right now, taking rest days to help you recover will help to ensure you can stick with your fitness program for the long term. Don’t forget, you build muscle best when you’re asleep!

5. Learn to move safely

Using proper form, particularly with gymnastics and weight training, will reduce your risk of injury and will help you to move more efficiently. Here at CrossFit Play, our qualified personal trainers are here to ensure you are moving well and having fun doing it.

6. Refuel properly

After a workout you want to consume some protein and carbohydrates to boost your recovery.e recommend a protein shake and some fruit, or if you’re a sweet tooth, some lowfat chocolate milk is a delicious option too!

7. Stretch after your WOD

After your workout is the best time to stretch because your muscles are warm and prepared to receive the multitude of benefits stemming from increased flexibility. A good range of motion is so important for moving and lifting safely, so make sure you are incorporating static and dynamic stretching into your routine.

8. Become a regular

To get the most out of your local gym, it is essential to go regularly. CrossFit Play encourages members to come no less than 3 days a week, and building up to 5 days is the goal. Not only does this have physical benefits, but allows you to really get to know other members and coaches so that you can become a part of our wonderful community.

9. Give your mind some love

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so make time in your week for some journaling, meditation or mindfulness to help you relax and refocus on your healthy goals.

10. Have fun!

If you’re not enjoying something, you won’t stick with it. That’s why at CrossFit Play, we prioritise workouts and events that are fun and engaging. We know we can get you fit, but more than that, we want to ensure you’re having the best hour of your day when you walk through our doors, so come along and try it for yourself!

Why not give CrossFit Play a go?!

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