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Juniors L2

Juniors L3

Juniors L1


Juniors L3/4

Juniors L3/4

Juniors L3/4

Juniors L2

Juniors L3/4


How does PLAY determine my child’s level?


Level 1-2 are primarily ages based, while experience for level 3 is essential. Students who have not completed 6 months of Level 2 will be assessed and may require a short course of Personal training to establish the foundation for the class setting. 


How often can or should my child attend?

Every child is different, and it will vary based on their other activities. It is recommended for Level 3 that they attend 2 or more sessions a week to allow balance in overall movement development. Children can attend up to 5 times a week without risk, every class is varied.


When does one start?

Any child can start at any time. We do run Level’s 1-2 on a term basis with school holiday options. Level 3 runs all year.

How does registration work?

The first step is to fill out the form on the get started page. Once complete, Miss Sam or Pedro will contact you to get your classes confirmed and talk about your specific needs. 

Juniors will nominate the day and time that both suits the level and schedule agreed on. The booking allows the coach to cater the class plan and progressions to suit the students who are attending. Missed lessons can be made up from time to time but it is most effective to stick to the same day or days each week.

Once the day is decided the term fees are set up in Wodify and they will then be recurring each term until the cancelation is given. 

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