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CrossFit Play Juniors is not just a watered-down version of our broader CrossFit program; it is a carefully designed and programmed version. Every child is given the opportunity to build their fitness level no matter what stage of fitness they are at when they commence training at Play.


Content and class structure begins to resemble the adult program as the child progresses through the many levels of CrossFit Play Juniors. The structure of progressions is more focused to allow development of their growing bodies, advancing the skills to suit the individual’s maturity as well as physicality.  In saying that, no classes are ever the same and the BIG FUN and Excitement of the workouts means they are never bored.

​It is our aim to teach children the basic principles of exercise and movement, and to improve their health across all 10 components of fitness, being cardiovascular, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.


Strength and cardiovascular endurance are the foundations of our CrossFit Play Juniors Program and kids generally notice a significant positive shift in these two areas within weeks of commencing our program. The skills, technique and abilities learned in the CrossFit Play Juniors Program transfer seamlessly into all other area of their sporting life, either at school or in their respective sporting activities outside of school.


Some other non-physical skills that we foster are determination, tenacity, patience, mental fortitude, confidence, creativity, and commitment. Junior’s L1-2 classes include fun fitness related games that can involve teamwork, problem-solving and patience – other critical tools which help them progress through life.



LEVEL 2: GR2-7

LEVEL 3: GR4-8

Will be focused on movement patterns, co-ordination, balance, agility, flexibility and body weight strength. Mostly short conditioning pieces paired with games and interactive drills. Lots of Fun!!

Building on the Level 1 skills with more attention given to accuracy, movement, stamina and speed. In addition, kids in Level 2 will learn new a strength movement vocabulary with props like dumbbells medicine balls and kettle bells. The kids will cover a section of skills or strength with a 10-15 min intense workout.

Level 2 work will be further developed with a focus on power development within the established movements, the introduction of a barbell broadens their horizons in training. In Level 3, kids will utilise the barbell in almost all classes. In addition, we introduce the kids to more challenging skills in bodyweight and gymnastics movements. There will be longer more complex workouts in this level.


LEVEL 1 - 2

1 per week $25

Add sibling $22

2 per week $42

Payments and classes are in term blocks.

LEVEL 3 - 4

2 Per week $42

3 Per week $60

4+ per week $75

Payments can be weekly or monthly. 

Classes continue all year round.








Juniors L2

Juniors L3

Juniors L1


Juniors L3/4

Juniors L3/4

Juniors L3/4

Juniors L2

Juniors L3/4

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