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We strive to create a better future for our youth, and we know that as a parent, you wish the same for your children. There is no greater responsibility than being entrusted with another’s child, so together we want what is best for our kids and teenagers. We work to instil them with freedom, confidence, and fearlessness to travel through life engaging wholeheartedly in every opportunity that presents their way.


Today’s youth are caught between increasingly sedentary lifestyles and intensive single-sport specialisation. This has changed the priorities in their physical activity—decreasing free play, undermining motor skill development, heightening injury risk, and exacerbating the threat of childhood obesity.

Our focus on varied motor pattern training and broad physical literacy development optimizes kids’ fitness and elevates their overall athleticism. Our training philosophy is centred around protecting our kids and teens from sports injury, boosting their overall athleticism, mobility, and sports performance, and educating them against the many forces and lures behind childhood obesity.

Our philosophy is built around creating free and fearless kids. Teaching and encouraging skills mastery, confidence to try new things, and physical and mental fortitude are the cornerstones of our program. Play captures the essence of adventure, passion, and joy in kids and teens when playing their favourite sports, trying new things, and tackling life’s challenges so they can step out of our gyms knowing they can do whatever they set out to do.

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