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Are you new to CrossFit style training?


Play's Beginner on- ramp is pivotal in your CrossFit journey. Developing the confidence, skills, and correct technique to thrive in group classes.

In all first sessions, your coach will explain our class format and booking system so you can see how the normal week of training will flow as a regular member. Each class is technique focused with a short workout that will get your heart pumping for CrossFit. 


Both packages also include a second week of 3 classes complimentary.  


New members who complete all 4 classes and progress from on-ramp to classes will receive a new Play Tee-shirt !

Choose the best option for you below and click to get started;



Have you done F45/ HIIT / Weights ?

Join the CrossFit technique On-Ramp with maximum 4 new members.  

Our 4-session program provides new members with the foundations of CrossFit training. It ensures a safe set up with the tools needed to get the most from high skilled elements of CrossFit programming such as weightlifting and gymnastics. 

Classes are held Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:30pm.



Are you new to strength or High intensity training ? 


Join us here in personal training one-on-one or a private group of up-to 3 friends or family members . 


Work with one coach on your new journey into CrossFit Training, cover all the foundational strength and dynamic movements as well as introduction to the Olympic lifts and gymnastics that make up the higher skill elements of CrossFit class programming.

T1 brief 1.jpg