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Thinking about trying CrossFit? Well, we have a fun and easy way to get you started.

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before or you’ve previously tried your hand at F45 or circuit training, then our On-ramp program is for you. Our 7-day program will give you the basic skills and movements to get you started on your CrossFit adventure.

A bit about the program:

The On-ramp program consists of one 90-minute custom training session followed by 3 Complimentary CrossFit Classes across a 7-day period.

First up, you’ll take part in a 90-minute personal training session led by one of our coaches at CrossFit Play. This session will be used to review some things you may have done before and introduce you to more complex CrossFit movements. The session will focus on bodyweight movements and lightweight implements for new lifts.

The coach will also demonstrate and assist you in learning some of the foundational movements, Olympic weightlifting and gymnastic movements you can expect to see in a CrossFit class. This session is all about learning the basics, understanding good technique, and getting a kick-ass workout too.

The On-ramp program will help you understand more about CrossFit and familiarise you with some of the terminology that appear in our daily classes. Our goal is to help you move well no matter your experience level or background so that you can safely join our exciting group classes right away.


The details

The 7 day On-ramp program includes:

  • A 90-minute personal training session with one of our great coaches

    • Book a time that suits you

    • Can be done with a partner/friend

  • 3 CrossFit classes during the 7-day period

    • E.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Support from the CrossFit Play coaching team to answer any questions you have

Price: $159 
Duration: 7 days from initial 90-minute personal training session

Sign up today to book in your 90-minute personal training session or give us a call if you would like to talk more about your start at Play. We look forward to hearing from you!

T1 brief 1.jpg
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