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Sydney's premium crossfit gym
1 week For $59

Are you experienced in CrossFit training?

Maybe you're new to Sydney or looking to take up a new challenge?

Train with us for a week!

Just $59 gets you 3 classes.

There is no obligation to join... we're just keen to show you what we've got and get to know you. It’s like a first date!

Why you'll love training at play

Crossfit Play Team Photo

"I firmly believe the more fun you're having, the better you'll get! So, the fun is built into your daily or weekly training routine at CrossFit Play, Sydney!"

- Khan Porter, Founder

Put simply, our workouts are fun, challenging and will make you feel, move and look better. You will make new friends and be encouraged to push in ways you couldn’t on your own. Then leave the gym feeling inspired to take on the world. Play is for those who want variety and creativity in their day to day training, while also understanding the importance of consistency.

Our classes are coached by experienced industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge and passion to share. These core values are central to everything we do.


We’re called ‘Play’ because we believe that exercising should be done for pure enjoyment, not just fitness. Having fun at the gym is central to training longevity and those corresponding gains! Fun means music and laughs, it also means learning and progressing.


We’re committed to providing you with the best CrossFit training experience in Sydney, and similarly we ask members to commit to their training so they can reach their full potential. Give 100% effort every time you walk into the gym, and the results will speak for themselves. 


Players aim to move well, count all reps fairly and focus on doing the basics beautifully. Our goal is to help you safely reach your fitness goals, and movement integrity is a big piece of this puzzle.


More than a gym, Play is a diverse community of people united in their enthusiasm for health and fitness. We warmly welcome newcomers, so come along keen to meet new people and get involved with our social events.

join a fitness gym
that is passionate & supportive

Parking & Directions

We are located at 55 Denison Street, Camperdown, in close proximity to Camperdown Park.


Play is a 10 minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Street parking is available, as well as on-site parking.

Training Space

  • 500 square metres, high-ceiling warehouse

  • Gymnastics rig and rings

  • Functional training gear

  • Barbells & bumper plates

  • Kettlebells, dumbells & plyoboxes

  • 8 x 15ft climbing ropes


  • Onsite Parking

  • Close to City Bus Routes

  • Purpose built layout

  • Mobility area

  • Male and female amenities



The priority class for all members to achieve a broad improving overall skills, strength and fitness

Fast Forward

A 30 min endurance workout to improve heart and lung capacity, machine efficiency and mental fortitude


A bodybuilding program to supplement the CrossFit program, can be done in any gym setting or at home. A suitable body sculpting extra program

Open Gym

Additional CrossFit programming for members seeking more advancement in competitive arena. Also a time for members to work on any other program they are working on or catch up on missed program from the week

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